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The encyclopedic dictionary is a non-profit project that is constantly evolving. Our valued users play an important role in the development of the project, helping to identify errors and also sharing their comments and suggestions. You can also support the project by leaving a comment or posting a link to the encyclopedic dictionary on your website or blog. Links to order accutane pills dictionary are permitted without any restrictions. Games Fireboy and Watergirl for two? Games Fire and Water for two - a series of free online games for 2 players, the main characters of which are the boy Fire and the girl Water. The main parts of the game are the adventures of Fire and Water in the ancient temple of Forest? Playing as two opposing elements, you will have to go on an exciting journey and go through all the dangerous labyrinths and traps, collecting precious crystals at each level.

The Big Encyclopedic Dictionary is a unique free online encyclopedia with full-text search and support for the morphology of Russian words. Each character has its own element. For example, in the first part in the Temple of the Forest there will be puddles of water and fiery lava on the path of the heroes. The first blue puddle can be passed by the girl Water, and the second only by the boy Fire with the fire element. In addition to the first 4 parts, on our website you will find other games in the style of Fire and Water. logic, puzzles, action games and other genres with various characters.

Gaming disorder and overwork are recognized as diseases. At the 72nd World Health Assembly, held in Geneva, a new edition of ICD-11 was adopted. Gaming disorder has joined the list of accutane pills, that is, it ranks alongside alcoholism and gambling. Gaming disorder is defined in ICD-11 as a pattern of gaming behavior (playing digital games or video games) characterized by impaired control over gaming, giving increasing priority to gaming over other activities to the extent that it is favored over other interests and daily activities, as well as continuation or intensification of gaming activities despite the occurrence of undesirable consequences.

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Gaming disorder may be diagnosed when the pattern of isotretinoin is of sufficient severity to cause significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational, and other important functional areas. The decision to include gaming disorder in ICD-11 is based on a review of the available evidence and reflects the consensus of experts representing different scientific disciplines and geographical regions who participated in the technical consultation process organized by WHO in preparation for ICD-11.

Representatives of the computer games industry opposed the inclusion of gambling addiction in the list of diseases, saying that such a step lacked objective scientific validity. A separate type of mental disorder includes dysmorphophobia, when a person is overly concerned about a minor defect or feature of his body, as well as the syndrome of violation of the integrity of isotretinoin of his own body - a mental disorder, as a result of which generally healthy people cannot accept their own body without amputations or mutilations.